A multi award winning working performer, who has kept her roots in Saskatchewan.  It has been said that, " Heidi is what happens when we do not limit our hearts and minds by labeling and separating great loves such as music".

"Heidi is truly a unique blend of all  music that is in her with no boundaries or labels. She is a deep love for blues, and early jazz, she is a childhood of great gospel music, she is honest Saskatchewan traditional country roots, a little funk, a  hint of motown, and she is straight ahead rock n roll , plain and simple , a true, humble, seasoned and passionate performer. 

Heidi has performed on National television,  multiple outdoor festivals,  Western Canadian Summer Games, Calgary Stampede,  TCU Place ,  Sasktel Jazz Festival, , Big Valley Jamboree, performances on Much Music and CMT, CTV, CBC, concerts , corporate events, clubs , cabarets and  dinner shows and  many  fine performing arts theaters throughout the prairies. With Saskatchewan Female Vocalist of the Year awards, Entertainer awards amongst others ,  as well as  countless nominations,  She is honored to work with acclaimed world class musicians from her home province of Saskatchewan. 

  Music makes me smile , it makes a happier world, it heals brokeness- if only for a moment . It is compassionate , and a companion, it is the great communicator where there are no words, at times it has also been a curse. In the most important moments it has saved me from myself . It has always been a constant.  It has been the love of my of my life .


Audio LInks  at the bottom that will give you a taste of everything :

Little by Little -   The RealGroovyBand   demo recording- Junior Wells cover

All My Lovin -        The RealGroovyBand    demo remake

Will you still love me Tomorrow-  Munro/Salkeld recording

To Sir With Love -  The RealGroovyBand mix

Hearts on Fire -  Misdeal

Angel From Montgomery   Munro/Salkeld/Mcfarlene  - John Prine Cover

Jersey Girl   -   Munro and Salkeld  -Tom Waitts cover

 Live footage of  the  The RealGroovyBand, The LittleGroovyBand and Misdeal  is available on the the live links page . More to come soon!

There is also a youtube links available at the bottom of a couple of  pages !!


HI, and thanks for checking this out! :) 

This site is going through a revision as we speak, so thanks for your incredible patience.

I will try not to bore you with all the " Ive done this, I've done that",  while trying to come up with something incredibly thought provoking, interesting and profound.  The bottom line is, I have been a permanent fixture in the music biz  for a very long time . I made the choice to stay in Saskatchewan and keep busy the best I could while growing up , finding myself ( more than once I might add) raising my kids and trying to find a balance in amongst it all. There have been lots of' awards, memorable performances and opportunities to be proud of  over the years, as well as opportunities passed over. However, in the big picture all that stuff isnt really a big deal.Yes, there was a time when I thought it was.

  Many incredible, famous and not so famous musically influenced folk have been a part of my life .  In this life our paths may or may not cross again, I am eternally grateful to each and every one of you for your gifts of music, trust ,encouragement , passion,  fun and "genuineness" ( if thats a word), and love. There have been great out of this world moments, there has been disapointment, sadness, and  there have been crazy  times and loads of memories...  that is so awesome.

Thank you to my folks and Jesus Christ for this gift. Thankyou to my siblings for being you and contributing to all of this very cool disfunctional bliss, and thankyou for your music- even those of you who feel you have none, you do. Thankyou to my children . There have been many nights away without mom., and soooo much busyness.  Someday I hope you can look back and know that music was good to you.

 I want to thank YOU . Yes, you. You have found a way to "dig" what I do,  you show up  and want to pay me for it!  Wow.

Thank you to everyone who has EVER made music with me .



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